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Are you looking for a restorer who performs a conservation or restoration expertly and according to current standards? Our network contains a detailed directory where you can find the right conservator. It allows you to perform a targeted restorer search in several categories.

  • Countries and Regions: Here you will find restorers in over 30 countries worldwide. Most users currently come from Germany, followed by Austria and Switzerland.
  • Main Assignment and Qualification: Select restorers based on their degrees or level of education. For example, the search for restorers includes the groups of "restorers with diplomas or masters" or "state-examined restorers".
  • Areas of expertise: To find a restorer specializing in the field of "painting conservation" or "gilding", look no further. Furthermore, references and articles are presented according to subject areas.
  • Organizations / Association: This category is for anyone who wants to find someone who is already a member of an organization like the german "VDR" or the ICOM.
  • Working status: Which users are currently employed, operate a business or are self-employed? Here you can find out.
  • Apprenticeship / Interns: Upcoming restorers will find suitable employers who offer a training or internship position.

Registration and profiling for restorers

Conservators, restorers and interested parties are invited to sign up for our conservator search. You will be given the opportunity to create a detailed profile including references. Potential customers for a conservation or restoration can be found faster, so you save valuable time for order acquisition.

Network with over 2,300 registered members

For registration in the conservator search a free registration is necessary. As a registered member of our network, you will be helped to connect with other conservators: you can contact all registered members.

Share your art conservation work, to gain visibility and citations.

Attract attention!

You will receive a profile that you can complete with comprehensive descriptions, references and articles. It pays off for you: Romoe presents detailed references with a picture directly on the start page and also in the social media to draw more attention to your profile.

We support the idea of Open Conservation.

Similar to open research and open source systems, we support free access to specialized articles. This permits a distributed collaboration, and one in which anyone may participate at any level of the project.

Note: Most of the language of our members is currently German.

Fachartikel und Referenzen von Restauratoren

Pariser Zimmer - Bildtapeten handgetruckt Firma Zuber-Rixhei
Weilburg - Hessen, Deutschland

Pariser Zimmer - Bildtapeten handgetruckt Firma Zuber-Rixhei

Restaurierung und Konservierung der handgetruckten Bildtapeten von der Firma Zuber-Rixheim (1813) im Pariser Zimmer

Dipl. Designer / Restaurator, Rolf Möller
Hessenhof - Raum- und Malereikopie / Iwein-Zyklus
Schmalkalden - Thüringen, Deutschland

Hessenhof - Raum- und Malereikopie / Iwein-Zyklus

Hessenhof - Erstellung einer 1:1 Raum- und Malereikopie des Iwein-Zyklus im Hessenhof zu Schmalkalden. Die Kopie befindet sich im Schloss Wilhelmsburg in Schmalkalden.

Dipl. Designer / Restaurator, Rolf Möller
Haus Cleff
Remscheid - Nordrhein-Westfalen, Deutschland

Haus Cleff

Das Museum "Haus Cleff" ist ein altbergisches Patrizierhaus aus dem Rokoko in Fachwerkbauweise mit Schieferverblendung, Die Gebrüder Hilger (Kaufleute) ließen es in selbigem Stil 1778/79 erbauen. (siehe Wikipedia unter Haus Cleff)

staatlich geprüfter Restaurator für Möbel und Holz, Christoph Tölke
Schloss Aurolzmünster
Aurolzmünster - Oberösterreich, Österreich

Schloss Aurolzmünster

Konservierung und Restaurierung der Deckenmalereien J. E. Kendlbachers. Restaurierung der barocken Stuckdecke.

Dipl. Designer / Restaurator, Rolf Möller

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