2012 Award for Conservation

The Low Countries Sculpture Society Award
2012 Award for Conservation

The Low Countries Sculpture Society invites conservators to submit their favorite project for nomination
Closing date : Wednesday 22 February 2012 at 4 pm


On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the Low Countries Sculpture Society in 2012, it launches an Award of € 2,500.00. In 2012 this Award will commend a conservation project that was finished during the years 2002-2012 on a sculpture in any material that has a physical or historic connection to the Low Countries, produced in any time between Classical Antiquity and today. This can include sculptures from outside the Low Countries, currently in a museum or another public space in the Low Countries.

Conservation is one of the pillars of the action undertaken by the Society in the last ten years. During the events organised by the Society, such as field visits and conferences, the Society has systematically considered conservation issues and practices and encouraged reflection on these.

The Society hopes to increase public awareness of current conservation practices and stimulate international debate about these amongst conservation professionals.The award itself should serve to co-finance a future conservation project of the award recipient that would otherwise not be undertaken for lack of funding. It should be noted that the Award will be given to an individual conservator, not to an institution. This means that conservators who are employed by a public institution that does not allow them to work outside their institution should refrain from participating.

Award Ceremony

On Wednesday 14 March 2012 at 6.30 pm in Gent, Belgium, on the occasion of the Tenth Anniversary Lecture and Dinner of the Low Countries Sculpture Society.

Closing date for project submissions

Wednesday 22 February 2012 at 4 pm (Paris time).

Nomination of the award winner

Criteria that can play a role in the selection of the winner are amongst the following :
* Methodolgical approach (how to achieve a balance between the possible use of scientific methods, full understanding of the problems and possibilities for conservation, knowledge of the production techniques and historic background of the object)
* Problem definition (with use of scientific methods to establish the problem)
* Determination of possible solutions
* Argumentation of chosen solution
* Quality of the planning
* Quality of the documentation
* Quality of the execution
* Respect for original substance and historical strata
* Long term approach, how to distinguish symptoms and causes
* Importance of intervention
* Appropriateness of techniques used during intervention
* Interdisciplinary and/or innovative character
* Location of intervention : why in situ or in workshop ?
* Quality of the presentation to the public
* Preventive conservation

A jury, independent of the Low Countries Sculpture Society’s Organising Committee, will select a winner, based upon the above criteria, on the basis of the application form filled in by the conservator. The jury may allow itself not to determine a winner or to give a special price to a runner-up. The jury’s deliberations happen behind closed doors and its decisions are irrevocable and taken by simple majority. In case of equal votes, that of the jury’s president will be the casting vote. In case of absence of the president, the oldest member of the jury will assume the presidency.

Count Rodolphe de Looz-Corswarem, president, European Historic Houses, Brussels

Dr Emile van Binnebeke, curator of sculpture and furniture, Royal Museums of Art and History, Brussels
Dr Helena Bussers, former director, Royal Museums of Fine Arts, and president of the heritage acquisitions committee, King Baudouin Foundation, Brussels
Robert van Langh, head of conservation, Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam
Myriam Serck-Dewaide, former director, Royal Institute of Cultural Heritage, Brussels
Pier Terwen, independent conservator and historian of sculpture, Leiden
Catherine Van Herck, independent conservator of sculpture and painting, Antwerpen




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