conservator / restorer of books, archives & paper Nicole Dumarey

Titel: conservator / restorer of books, archives & paper
Unternehmen: Restauratieatelier Dumarey

Stationsstraat 58
8460 Oudenburg
Belgium, West-Vlaanderen
Telefon (Arbeit): +32 59 265540
Telefon (Mobil): +32 497 901942

E-Mail: (nur für Mitglieder sichtbar)

We coserve and restore books, papier en archives

We treat paper, linen, leather and parchment covers.
These can go from bibles, photo albums, comic books and registers, to even little brochures and manuals, but also more special books like manuscripts, first editions, breviaries, land registers, antiphonaria, incunabula, cartholaria …
We treat paper and parchment book blocks and cardboard and wooden covers.

Our method of restoration depends on a whole range of factors. What kind of bond is it, what is the cause of the damage, what is the purpose of the restoration? Is the book going to be displayed or kept in a bookcase? Will it be consulted frequently or is the cover too tight to be digitalised?

We treat also all works and documents on paper like engravings, aquarelles, gouaches, drawings and sketches, letters, deeds, original documents and also transparent paper and architectural drawings.

We clean the paper and remove stains and sellotape, deacidify and buffer paper, repair tears, fill missing pieces and edges, flatten out and get rid of creases, line weakened paper, remove foxing and treat ink corrosion and copper corrosion …

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