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Georgia Iona


Holbeinstr. 30
D-50733 Koeln

(nur für Mitglieder sichtbar)



Address:        Holbeinstr. 30 50733 - Köln        
Telephone:       0049-1604174080, 00492212619977       
Email Address:, georgia _ iona @       
Date Of Birth       27 - 07 -1979       
Nationality:       Greek       
Location:       Cologne, Germany       


Qualified Art Conservation - Restoration professional with expertise in the area of Works of Art on Paper. Experienced in the preservation and treatment of Pictorial Art and Antiquities, employing proven techniques whilst following the E.C.C.O. professional guidelines . Ability to work within a team and to collaborate with other professionals. Able to meet firm deadlines whilst providing quality in respect to the artefacts.

Qualification Highlights

Accomplished in the Conservation -" Restoration of pictorial Art on paper, as also in the preventive conservation and the evaluation of the condition of paper collections and archives.
Trained and gained awareness in the application of Japanese methods of paper conservation.
Knowledge of preservation techniques for other forms of pictorial art, for instance icons , oil paintings, tempera paintings and pastels.
Skilled in the conservation and restoration of gilded artefacts.
Experienced in the preservation, categorisation and exhibition of archaeological ceramic artefacts. Knowledge of mosaics conservation and first aid treatment of recently excavated archaeological finds.
Proficient in consulting regarding the environmental management, preventive conservation and exhibition advice for private collections of Archaeological Pottery or Ethnographic collections.

Technical Skills

Conservation and Restoration Techniques        
Paper: Manuscripts, coloured and black/white prints , maps, documents, archives, watercolours, pastels, charcoal drawings, archives and parchment.
Oil paintings
Gilded artefacts
Archaeological ceramics
Glazed ceramics and porcelain
Composite objects

Examination: Microscopy, Ultraviolet and Infrared light,X-radiography,Chemical Analysis

Analysis of Artists Materials       
Fibres, Pigments, Natural and Synthetic Polymers, Sampling

Artists Techniques       
Printmaking, Painting / drawing on paper, Tempera and oil painting, Mosaics and wall paintings,Gilding,Ceramics

Preventive Conservation and Environmental Management,
Consultation for Display and Storage of Artworks, Paper collections,Books and Archives,Photographs,Pictorial Art,Archaeological Objects,Mosaics,Ceramics and Porcelain,Ethnographic Collections,Folk Art

Academic qualifications
Higher education: Postgraduate -Master of Arts, 2001-2003
MA Conservation of Fine Art - Specialization in Works of Art on Paper
Northumbria University
School of Humanities
Newcastle upon Tyne

Modules studied       
Conservation Theory and Practice
Examination and Documentation
Causes of Deterioration
Preventive Conservation and Environmental Management
History of Artist's Materials and Techniques
Art History
Physics - Optics
Professional Studies       Second year
Conservation Theory and Practice
Art History
Chemistry - Analysis of Artist's Materials
Professional Studies

Masters Research Project, MA Conservation of Works of Art on Paper.        
Subject: The use of solvent gels for the removal of pressure sensitive adhesive tapes.
Key study: The removal of pressure sensitive adhesive residues from the surface of a large format Ottoman manuscript on prepared paper.
Average grade: 64.5%

Publication       Gerry Hedley Student Symposium 2003, Newcastle
The Use of Solvent Gels for the Removal of Rubber-Based
Pressure Sensitive Adhesive residues from Works of Art on Paper

Higher education: Undergraduate - BA (Honours)       
BA (Honours) in Conservation and Restoration.
Lincoln University (former known as De Montfort University)
School of Applied Arts and Design
Wordsworht Street, Lincoln

Modules studied
Conservation Theory
Applied Conservation Science.
Practical treatment of Ethnographic collections (metals, wood and organic materials).
Practical treatment of Gilded objects
Practical treatment of Ceramic objects
Exhibition layout and management.
Recording studies (Recording Drawing and Photography).
Applied Art History, Design and Craftsmanship.
Museology and Collections Management.
Professional Studies

Research Project (δ.δ. Honours)       
Subject: Large format archaeological ceramics -"
Characteristic problems, diagnosis and conservation issues.
Class: 2:2

IT training 1997-1998, Diploma in computer and IT training
-ÜDidacta" institute
33 Stadiou str., Τ.Κ. 105 59 Athens - Greece
Tel. 0030210 3218505-7
Microsoft Office Package
MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access, MS PowerPoint, MS Outlook,
Internet -" Multimedia,
English and Greek typing and document presentation

Secondary education
1994-1997       United Many-Branched High School of Athens
(Ενδαίο Î Î¿Î»Ï ÎºÎ»Î±Î´Î´ÎºÏŒ Λύκεδο δθηνών)
Year of graduation 1996-97
Subjects: Ancient Greek, Modern Greek, Literature, Latin, English, Greek and European History (ancient and modern), History of Art Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, Religious education, Sociology, Physical education,
Average grade: 16.5/20

Previous work experience
1. Atelier für Papierrestaurierung
Frau Marita Kuhn, Berlinerstr. 10 D-42897 Remscheid Lennep,
(Lichstr. 33, 51373 Leverkusen),, Tel: 02191 4619996, Fax: 02191 4619997
June 2006 -" present
Position: Assistant conservator of paper artworks, frames and paintings.
Duties: Preventive conservation of works of art on paper.
2. Conservation Fastrack
October 2004 -" April 2006       
Position: Conservator of Archaeological objects, Antiquities and Folk Art, owner of a private conservation studio in Limassol, Cyprus.
Duties: Conservation -" Restoration of paper, icons, paintings, embroidery, ceramics, metals, frames and gilded artefacts.
Environmental management, preventive conservation and exhibition advising for private collections of Archaeological Pottery and / or Cypriot Folk Art
3. The Fastrack. net
Po Box 54855, T.K. 3022 -" Limassol, Cyprus
April 2004 -" April 2006
Position: Customer Relationship Management (Part time)
Duties: Text editing, creation of graphics & animations
Consultation regarding the design and layout of web-pages
4. Department of Antiquities -" Cyprus P.O.Box 22024, 1516, Lefkosia
4 August 2004 -" 9 September 2004
Position: Conservation Technician (work placement)
Duties: Conservation and Restoration of Mosaics at Curium Archaeological site
5.Restauro Conservation Studio
Mr. Stavros Andreou
PO Box 57145 - Τ.Κ. 3313
Limassol - Cyprus
October 2003/July 2004
Position: Conservator of books, manuscripts and paintings
Duties: Conservation, repair and housing of ecclesiastical manuscripts
6.The National Trust -" England
Cragside Historic House 9 -" 20 June 2003
Wallington Historic House 10 -" 21 June 2002       
Position: Paper conservator (student placements)
Duties: Evaluation of the condition, preventive conservation, categorization and first aid treatment of copper engravings, lithographs, maps, watercolour drawings and books. Reframing of photographs, prints and drawings
7. National Archives of Canada -"
Gatineau Preservation Centre
625 Boulevard du Carrefour, Gatineau QC K1A ON3, CANADA
6 August 14 September 2002
Position: Paper conservator (student placement)
Duties: Conservation of prints (engravings etchings, lithographs) and maps, Conservation of parchment
Preventive conservation and evaluation of the condition of documents from the archive
7. 21st Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities
10, Epaminonda Street 10555 Athens, Greece
Excavation at Kamari, (Santorini)
Museum of Prehistoric Thera
16 August -18 September 2000
Position: Conservation Technician (student placement)
Duties (1): Responsible for the first aid treatments and categorisation of recently excavated archaeological finds (potsherds and small metal items).
Duties (2): Classification and conservation treatment of Archaic Greek pottery, fragments of wall-paintings and other recently excavated archaeological finds
8. The Byzantine and Christian Museum of Athens
22 Vasilissis Sophias, 106 75, Athens Greece
10 June -" 28 July 2000
Position: Conservation Technician (student placement)
Duties: Classification and conservation treatment of glazed ceramics.

Additional Information
1.Computer skills: Computer literate in using:
Microsoft Office Package
MS Outlook, e-mail
Corel Draw & Photo Paint (all versions)
Adobe Photoshop
Macromedia Dreamweaver MX (basic)

-       Greek (mother language)
-       English
-       Deutsch (Mitfellstuffe III)
-       French (basic).

Professional Bodies
IIC (International Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works) Hellenic Group

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