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Romoe - Network for restoration, art and monument preservation

Welcome to Romoe™. The international information and industry network with the topics:
Restoration, conservation, restoration needs, art, monument preservation and monument protection.
Our passion is to preserve the valuable and historic, read more about our Experts network.

Art conservation and restoration

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Benefits, Service and Prices

Cultural heritage and conservation topics

Case studies for restoration
Case studies for restoration

Read the full article here.

Cultural heritage & cultural property
Cultural heritage & cultural property

Read more about the term and the background here.

What is book restoration?
What is book restoration?

More about preservation of archival and library material...

What is furniture restoration?
What is furniture restoration?

More about wood and furniture restoration...

What is painting restoration?
What is painting restoration?

More about painting restoration and conservation ...

Historic preservation - what is it?
Historic preservation - what is it?

Read more about the importance of monument preservation here.

What is stone restoration?
What is stone restoration?

More about the conservation and restoration of stone objects ...

What is mural painting?
What is mural painting?

More about the mural painting and wall painting ...

You can find more articles in our topics area ...
We offer insights into the profession of conservators as well as informative technical and factual topics on art conservation and restoration ...

The profession of Conservator-Restorers

What are conservator-restorers?
What is conservation-restoration?

Job description conservator - profession and training

The profession of a conservator-restorer is defined by the protection of cultural heritage in order to preserve historical testimonies and thus irreplaceable originals for future generations.

How do I become a conservator-restorer? Read more about the training, studies and fields of work of conservator-restorers here.

Read more ...

Expert search and directory for clients

Are you looking for a Conservator-Restorer who can professionally carry out restoration or conservation according to current standards? Our network contains a detailed directory in which you will find the appropriate contractor. It allows you a targeted search in several categories:

  • Countries and regions: Here you will find restorers in over 30 countries worldwide. Most users currently come from Germany, followed by Austria and Switzerland.
  • Main classification and qualifications: Choose according to your qualifications or level of education. The search contains, for example, the groups "Restorers with a diploma or master's degree" or "State-certified restorers".
  • Areas of expertise: To find a restorer who specializes in the restoration of "Paintings and Painting Paintings" or "Gilding", search here. Also, references and specialist articles are arranged according to subject areas.
  • Organizations / Association: This category is useful when searching for members in an organization such as the german VDR or the ICOM.
  • Work status: Which users are currently employed, run a business, or are freelance? Find out here.
  • Apprenticeship / Internships: Here you can find suitable employers who offer an apprenticeship or internship.

Register is worth it

Although the directory is also open to guests, as a registered user you will benefit in particular. You will be able to contact other registered users, read and write articles on the subject of restoration and create appointments.

Also, you can use our classified ads area and the opportunity to create job offers in the internship exchange. There are no hidden costs.

Registration and profiling for experts

Restorers, conservators, and monument conservators from all disciplines are invited to register in our directory. You will be given the opportunity to create a detailed profile including references. Potential clients for conservation or restoration can thus be found more quickly, saving you valuable time for order acquisition.

Network with over 2,900 registered users

A free registration is necessary for entry into the conservator's directory and search. As a registered member of our network, you will be supported in connecting with other members and interested parties: You can contact all registered members.

Besides, you have the opportunity to post your articles, and dates on the subject of restoration and to view them by other users.

Draw attention to yourself!

You will receive a profile that you can complete with comprehensive descriptions, references, and professional articles. It's worth it for you: Romoe presents detailed references with pictures on the main pages and additionally in social media to draw more attention to your profile.

Over a large number of Internet addresses e.g., the regions and specialist areas are linked further.

Our job and internship exchange

Are you currently looking for an internship for your first practical experience in the field of restoration? As a registered user, you can contact companies in the internship exchange or create your application.

Our overview of universities of applied sciences, studies, training, and further education also provides you with up-to-date information on a wide range of career opportunities.

We support the idea of Open Conservation.

Similar to open research and open source systems, we support free access to specialized articles. This permits a distributed collaboration and one in which anyone may participate at any level of the project.

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