Romoe Conservators Network

History and Review

At the turn of the millennium, the idea of a restoration portal was born and immediately implemented in April 2001 as the first small SITEFORUM portal. After that began collecting content without rating (brain storming). The domains, and have been secured. Through further ideas and night work by anuvito the new version 1.0 release has been created since mid-2002 and early 2003. Since July 2003, the new Romoe Conservators Portal has been accessible to anyone online.

In October 2003 the portal was extended by the extensive search. Since November 2003 the search has been extended by the WebLink area. This area in the Romoe search offers several categories, e.g. to search specifically for tools, building materials, products and restoration needs.

After 5 months, 10,000 visitors were counted until the beginning of December 2003 in the portal area. Since December, the portal can also be reached via the extended domain www.romö.com.

Art conservation and restoration

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