Restaurator M.A. Steffi Wirsing

Restaurator M.A.
Restauratorin Steffi Wirsing M.A. & Restaurator Steffen Nolte M.A.

Waldblick 18
D-37339 Breitenworbis
Germany, Thüringen
+175 2021797
+175 2021797

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Main assignment
  • Conservators / restorers with master or diploma
Training place / internships
  • No, please do not apply.
Work status
  • freelance, autonomous, independently
Association / Organization
  • VDR - Association of Restorers (Germany)
Special fields
  • Architecture and space version
  • Crafted art-objects
  • Glass, Glass painting, window glasses and ceramics
  • Painted surfaces and equipment
  • Porcelain conservation (adornment, glass and ceramics)

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