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ICM - Integrated Contamination Management®

ICM - Integrated Contamination Management®

Part of high-profile restoration: ecological pest control and biocide decontamination.

Humidity-controlled warm air can solve two interlocking problems

ICM -Integrated Contamination Management - is part of a team of highly qualified conservators (all with master's degrees), each bringing a specific area of expertise to the IPARC platform. IPARC conservators work on old masters, modern and contemporary art, wooden objects and furniture, mounted sculpture, stone, metal, textile, paper, and visual media.

Parent company: IPARC

IPARC is one of the largest conservation and restoration companies in Europe. A conscious decision was made to adopt a cooperative business model when it was founded ten years ago, in order to make the best possible use of the know-how and expertise of its founding partners and to pass it on to its employed restorers. The restoration and conservation of works of art is a particularly intensive process in which not only knowledge and experience, a methodological framework and professional ethics are crucial, but precisely also the training of future generations. For the IPARC partners, however, long-term and collective solidarity within the company also plays a major role.

The various restoration disciplines are each responsibly led by a partner with more than 10 years of relevant professional experience; however, decision-making is based on intensive discussion and equality among all participants. Furthermore, special emphasis is placed on openness, transparency, honesty and social responsibility.

In 2018, IPARC was awarded the SME Company of the Year.


When setting up the workshop (approx. 700 m²), we invested massively in security, fire alarm technology, air-conditioning technology and extraction. There are separate rooms for the various specialist areas. Potentially harmful, dust-intensive and noisy work processes are separated off again. The workshops are fully equipped and so large that several objects can be restored in parallel. IPARC has a wide range of technical equipment, easels and treatment tables, including heating vacuum tables and humidity domes. Special attention was paid to organization and inventory of materials and objects during the set-up.

Laboratory & art technological analysis

In-house, IPARC has optical microscopy, FTIR and scanning electron microscopy, a Bruker Jetstream M6 Macro-XRF, and other extensive multispectral imaging (VIS, RAK, UVF, UVR, IRR, IRFC, IRF, IRTR, VISTR, RTI/PTM, X Ray). The laboratories are located in separate zones with direct access to digitization via camera or computer.


Products & Services

Ecological pest control
Biological pests, insects and fungi, are found in almost all collections. It is virtually impossible...
Decontamination of biocide-contaminated collections and objects
Many museums and collections around the world are having serious issues

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