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Krah & Grote Measurement technology

Krah & Grote Measurement technology

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We are a leading manufacturer of customized air conditioning solutions for historical buildings, churches and museums. 1. consulting in climate issues 2. development and production of microsensor technology for museums and historical buildings. 3. conception, installation and maintenance of humidity controlled ventilation systems

Krah&Grote Messtechnik
Krah&Grote Messtechnik
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Humidity controlled ventilation for St. Koloman
From conceptual design to maintenance.

After the first ascent of the church St. Koloman, a solution for humidity controlled ventilation was sought. An important criterion besides the effectiveness of the humidity stabilization was the integration of the technology into the church without changing or disturbing the sacral impression. The decision was made to introduce fresh air below the tower door. A special wooden construction was developed to bring the air into the church. The outgoing air is discharged through the small automatically opening sacristy window. To reduce the humidity even more effectively, the ventilation system also uses the heated air from the attic. No disturbing technology is visible in the sacral area. There is no more algae and mould damage, as the room climate has improved considerably.
In order to ensure long-term success, we carry out annual maintenance.
The plant was designed, completely assembled and put into operation by Krah & Grote.

Climate stabilizing measures to prevent salt damage to medieval wall paintings
Climate-stabilizing measure for medieval frescoes at Wildenstein Castle
In this project the task was to create a stable climate for the wall paintings. The paintings are located in the guest room of the youth hostel at Wildenstein Castle. Large temperature fluctuations due to the floor - night storage heating and loads of saltpeter from previous use (goat shed) posed a great danger to the paintings. In addition, there were mechanical dangers from the visitors. We developed an air conditioning concept to dampen the strong climate fluctuations. Besides the protective glazing, the concept consisted of a humidification unit with special foil and a tempering block for absorbing the humidity peaks. In order not to endanger the wall paintings, extensive preliminary tests with corresponding monitoring were carried out. After the final implementation of the concept and a meanwhile one year running time a very good and stable climate corridor could be achieved. The stable condition is ensured by the annual maintenance.

Preservation of the marble columns in the Garden Hall of the Würzburg Residence through a special type of moisture-controlled ventilation
The destruction of the marble columns in the Würzburg Residenz is prevented by a special moisture-controlled ventilation system.
Due to the rising dampness in the sandstone plinth, the marble columns above the plinths were slowly destroyed. The questions asked to Mr. Schmickl and Krah & Grote were how to interrupt the capillary rise of moisture. First the possibilities of the horizontal barrier were discussed. The horizontal barrier could not be implemented for static reasons. Now the humidity controlled ventilation came into play as an alternative. Ventilators were installed in the floor on all 4 sides of the affected columns. These fans draw the air between the sandstone base and the marble covering and release the moist air back into the room through the joints of the floor tiles. A slight temperature control and the humidity controlled ventilation now ensure that the capillary humidity rise is interrupted. The process could be documented and evaluated by measurements on the sandstone and regular visual inspections. Before the final application, the procedure was tested in the laboratory at Krah & Grote.





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