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NORIS Blattgold GmbH

NORIS Blattgold GmbH

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Gold has always fascinated people. The production of real gold leaf has a surprisingly rich past. The oldest traditions come from India. From there, the art reached the Western world via the cultural peoples of Southeast Asia.

In ancient Rome, there were even special guilds of gold beaters. In the Theophilius manuscript from the 12th century, the basics of production are described, which were valid until the 50s of the 20th century.

Around 1400, gold beaters appeared in Germany as independent craftsmen. Later, gold beaters were established in Vienna, Paris, London, Birmingham and also in North America. However, foreign gold leaf was not able to establish itself. Over time, gold leaf production was concentrated in the cities of Nuremberg, Fürth and Schwabach.

In the 19th century, 70% of the population in Schwabach worked in this craft. Thus Schwabach became the "gold beater's town".

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