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Height photography, taking and securing of sample material in high indoor spaces

PHOTOLIFTER uses a self-developed balloon system as a service to document high interior spaces or to take and secure samples there.

PHOTOLIFTER produces photo documentation and high-resolution digital images for preliminary examinations, photogrammetry, for the creation of digital image plans and for pure documentation.

We develop, design and manufacture patented technical equipment which, carried by helium balloons, enables photographic tasks and other activities. The equipment can be used without floor load and other disturbances - or the high costs of the often disturbing scaffolding construction. The air turbulence and hazards arising from the use of drones are completely avoided when using our equipment. They are adapted for each application and thus enable the work to be carried out quickly and cost-efficiently. PHOTOLIFTER works in Germany and Europe as a service provider in the field of high interiors.




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