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President of VENIS STUDIOS Venizelos Gavrilakis
Ieri Parakatathiki Labs
President of VENIS STUDIOS
Gavrilakis, Venizelos
34445 Sütlüce/Beyoğlu, İstanbul
Phone: +90 5348488467

  • Conservation - General
  • Crafted art-objects
  • Documentation
  • Ethnographic objects, people and ethnology
  • Master-Theses (diploma)
  • Painting and art of painting
Lecturer in Preventive Conservation & History Christos Karydis
TEI of Ionian Islands & Aristotle University of Thessalonika
Lecturer in Preventive Conservation & History
Karydis, Christos
- -, -

  • Conservation - General
  • Historical, modern and contemporary painting and material constructions
  • Lime mortars and plasters, versions in interiors and at storefronts
  • Musical instruments
  • Polychrome works of art
  • Restoration - General
 Evi Papathoma
  • Archaeological cultural property, Arts and crafts
  • Archaeological excavation
  • Metal objects
  • Painted surfaces and equipment
  • Wood objects, wooden panel
Conservation Scientist Lydia-Chara Pavlopoulou
Bank of Greece
Conservation Scientist
Pavlopoulou, Lydia-Chara
Athens, Attica
Phone: 302103205337

  • Conservation - General
  • Metal objects
  • Modern materials and media
  • Mural painting and objects from stone
  • Polychrome works of art
  • Restoration - General
 Pagona Dimitra Sounti
  • Architecture and space version
  • Conservation - General
  • Conservation, restoration history and theory
  • Production of conservation and restoration concepts
  • Restoration - General

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