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United States of America  
 Kristin DeGhetaldi
DeGhetaldi, Kristin
19711 Newark, New Jersey

  • Conservation - General
  • Conservation, restoration history and theory
  • Documentation
  • Mural painting and ceiling painting
  • Painting and art of painting
  • Restoration - General
 Sharra Grow
  • Modern materials and media
  • Painting and art of painting
 Marianne Kelsey
  • Book conservation, restoration
  • Paper, writings, book and book painting
  • Writings, calligraphy, graphics and book painting
 Solange Masher
  • Book conservation, restoration
 Claudia Ramirez
  • Conservation - General
  • Excavation technology
  • Lime mortars and plasters, versions in interiors and at storefronts
  • Preventive Conservation
  • Restoration - General
  • Wood objects, wooden panel
 Victor W Russell
  • Archaeological cultural property, Arts and crafts
  • Conservation - General
  • Crafted art-objects
  • Glass, Glass painting, window glasses and ceramics
  • Porcelain conservation (adornment, glass and ceramics)

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