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restoration, art, monument preservation

Our passion is to preserve the valuable and the historical. #RomoeNetwork

All over the world, there has been an increasing awareness of peoples’ heritage in a bid to mark their cultural identity. Additionally, this has brought with it the expression of society, enriching lives, and bringing pleasure. More concern has been on the preservation of that heritage, and people understand that conservator’s networks or bodies are fundamental in the realization of that task.

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About The Romoe Network

Inception and history

Since its inception in April 2001, the Romoe Network is an international network for and by restorers that offers a structured directory as well as an extensive category and radius search for specialists.

The network provides plenty of contacts to organizations, educational institutions, institutes, and facilitation of the exchange of special information. You can also get insights into some of the projects and work done by restorers, which involves both academic and craft restoration. The directory offers a comprehensive experience through overviews of various regions, categories, subject areas, and a search area optimized for clients and interested parties in finding restorers. While the network was originally available in German, they have sought to expand their services.

Membership and followers

Current data shows that Romoe Network has a huge number of registered users who continue to grow with each day. The Network also has a considerable social media following and reach with Facebook, X-Twitter, and Instagram. The service currently offers three packages that include organizations, art conservators, and manufacturers and suppliers. Registration by organizations and art conservators is completely free. Manufacturers and suppliers get to pay a cheap monthly subscription fee of Eur 10.

Art referencing

The art restorations are all referenced in the Conservators Network by regions and categories. This helps in increasing trustworthiness and credibility, and it is even better when they are registered under the network. Data in the directory is organized according to country, for example, Switzerland, Austria, and Germany, among others. By clicking on the respective country, one is directed to a further overview page with a map showing places that registered users have worked on before. All marked locations on the map include information such as contact data, diploma thesis, documentation, and references of registered users.

Targeted audiences

Romoe Network is looking to expand its reach by working with interested parties in heritage restoration, art, and monument conservation students. Other parties include

  • Clients: Private, business and public (churches, monument preservation offices, building authorities)
  • Experts: Restorers, conservators, museum assistants, archivists, art experts, monument conservators
  • Educational institutions: Universities, technical colleges, and institutes in the subject area
  • Organizations: National and international organizations in the field
  • Trade fairs and exhibitors in the field, museums with specialist departments (Cultura-Suisse, Exponatec, ...)
  • Manufacturers and suppliers with restoration needs, restorer needs, museum needs, archive needs
  • Galleries, art dealers, antique dealer

Education and Studies

The Romoe Network offers information on education options available such as universities, colleges, distance learning, study, furthering education, and training to those looking to apply for internship offers or diplomas in restoration studies.

Registration, Profile and Articles - Tutorial (English)

This tutorial shows a simple view into the registration process of the Romoe Network.
It also explains how to update your profile and create articles.

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Benefits, Services and Prices

Create your free profile, with detailed projects and references.
Here is an overview of the benefits of Romoe.

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