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Overview of universities of applied sciences, studies, training and further education

Here you will find further information on education, advanced training, further education, studies, distance learning, universities of applied sciences, universities in Germany, Austria and Switzerland as well as worldwide educational offers and overviews of Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes.

Where can you study restoration or art conservation?

Here you will find further information on education, training, further education, study, distance learning, colleges, universities (Germany, Austria, Switzerland and worldwide), diploma and internships offers and applications.

What are the admission requirements?
Depending on the university, there are different admission requirements for the course of study, e.g. for a school-leaving certificate with a technical college entrance qualification or a passed master's examination. Most training centres require a one-year subject-related pre-study internship in a restoration workshop of a museum, the preservation of historical monuments, in a private company or with a recognised restorer. In addition, an aptitude test and, in some cases, a portfolio, e.g. with drawings or work samples, must be proven.

How long does the course take?
Depending on the type of training, the course takes between three and six years.

Universities and Institutes in Austria

IKR - Institute for Conservation - Restoration at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (A)
The course of study Conservation and Restoration at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna offers a 10-semester Dipl.-Studium in five main fields of study:
  • Wall Painting/ Architectural Surfaces
  • Object Wood/Musical Instruments
  • Painting/Sculpture
  • Paper / photo / book and archive material
  • Modern and Contemporary Art

ICORT - Institute of Conservation Sciences and Restoration - Technology (A)
The Institute for Conservation Science and Technology (ICORT) in Austria offers the following specialization opportunities at the Ordinariat for Conservation and Restoration: finds, paintings, objects, stone and textiles.


Colleges and Universities in Germany

HAWK University of Applied Sciences and Arts - Hildesheim
University of Applied Sciences Hildesheim/Holzminden/Göttingen
Faculty of Conservation of Cultural Property
  • Bachelor's programme Preventive Conservation
  • Master's Degree in Conservation and Restoration
  • Master's programme in the preservation of historical monuments

The two restoration courses offer the following courses of study:
Book and paper, Mounted wooden sculpture and paintings, Furniture and wooden objects, Stone and ceramics, Wall paintings/Architectural surfaces

The following courses are equipped with their own full-time professors or lecturers:
Archaeometry/Chemistry, Archaeology, Historical Monuments, Photography, Artistic Practice, History of Art/Restoration Theory, Microbiology, Museology

University of Applied Sciences - Erfurt
Main focus of the FH Erfurt in the course of studies Conservation and Restoration: Archaeological cultural heritage and arts and crafts, glass painting and objects made of glass, sculptural works and architecture made of stone, wall painting and architectural setting and mosaic.

Technical University - Cologne
Fields of study: Restoration and conservation of paintings and sculptures, wooden objects, written documents, graphics and book illumination, murals and stone objects, textiles and leather objects.

University of Applied Sciences - Potsdam
Fields of study: Conservation and restoration of murals and historical architectural colour, objects made of stone and their framed surfaces, objects made of wood and their framed and refined surfaces.

University of Fine Arts - Dresden
Hochschule für bildende Künste - Dresden with the course of studies: Art Technology, Conservation and Restoration of Art and Cultural Assets:
  • Archaeometry and scientific research in conservation/restoration
  • Basics of conservation and restoration of works of art
  • Conservation and restoration of polychrome sculptures, panels and retables
  • Art technology, conservation and restoration of painting on mobile image carriers
  • Conservation and restoration of murals and architectural colouring

University of Applied Sciences - Berlin
The restoration and excavation technology course at the Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin has four main focuses:
  • Archaeological-Historical Cultural Heritage
  • excavation technology
  • Modern materials and technical cultural assets
  • Audiovisual and photographic heritage

Technical College for Paint and Varnish Technology, Munich
Information on the training objective, admission requirements, training content, final examination, costs, promotion of training to become a master gilder and training to become a master church painter.

State Academy of Fine Arts - Stuttgart
Fields of study: Restoration and conservation of... Paintings and framed sculptures Archaeological, ethnological and craft objects Graphics, archival and library material

Technical University - Munich
No specialisations in the usual sense, but the teaching of a wide range of subjects: conservator, restorer, art technology, materials science, as well as natural sciences and humanities, with the possibility of focusing on the main studies.

Universities and Institutes in Switzerland

University of Applied Sciences in Bern (CH)
Studying at the Bern University of the Arts offers the main areas of study: Painting and sculpture, architectural surfaces and interior design, graphics, written material and photography, textile restoration as well as modern materials and media.

ETH Institute for Monument Conservation (CH)
ETH - Eidgenössiche Technische Hochschule in Zürich - Current projects, events and continuing education, overview of publications, biography of Swiss art and monument conservation.

ABEGG Foundation (CH)
The Abegg Foundation supports research into and the preservation of old textiles. The Swiss Foundation's Textile Conservation / Riggisberg course is affiliated with the Berne University of Applied Sciences.

Conservation of cultural heritage - Conservation and restoration of art and cultural heritage

The following is a compilation of universities, institutes, academies, further education and training centres and the possibility of distance learning in the field of cultural heritage conservation and restoration and conservation of art and cultural assets:

State Academy of Fine Arts - Stuttgart

ABK - Stuttgart

Fields of study: Restoration and conservation of... Paintings and framed sculptures Archaeological, ethnological and cra...
Hornemann Institut of the HAWK

Hornemann Institut

The primary objective of the Hornemann Institute is to promote the worldwide transfer of knowledge in the field of cultu...
Technical University - Cologne

Technical University - Cologne

Fields of study: Restoration and Conservation of Paintings and Sculptures, Objects made of Wood, Writing, Graphics and B...
University of Fine Arts - Dresden

University - Dresden

University of Fine Arts - Dresden with the course of studies: art technology, conservation and restoration of art and cu...
HAWK - University of Applied Sciences and Arts

University - Hildesheim

Faculty of Building and Conservation in Hildesheim, Conservation and Restoration (BA) and Conservation and Restoration S...
Europe University Viadrina

Europe University Viadrina

Europa University Viadrina - Master's Degree Program "Protection of European Cultural Heritage" / "Strategies for Europe...
State Technical School Gotha

Fachschule - Gotha

The Staatliche Fachschule für Bau, Wirtschaft und Verkehr Gotha is the only educational institution in Germany that has ...
Istituto Europeo del Restauro

Istituto Europeo del Restauro

The Istituto Europeo del Restauro (European Restoration Institute) at the Aragonese Castle on the Island of Ischia is a ...

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