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Europe University Viadrina

Europe University Viadrina

Master program for restorers, art historians, architects

Europa University Viadrina - Master's Degree Program "Protection of European Cultural Heritage" / "Strategies for European Cultural Heritage" - the only extra-occupational Master's program for restorers, art historians, architects and other professions related to cultural heritage and cultural education.

For more than 18 years, the master's program "Protection of European Cultural Heritage" has offered continuing education for all graduates of classical material heritage subjects such as archeology, architecture, conservation, restoration and art history. Graduates of other courses in cultural, social, legal or economics are also welcome here, since the problems of practice can be better understood, especially in heterogeneously composed study groups.

Special emphasis is placed on those subjects that are underrepresented in the curricula of relevant disciplines and in practice nevertheless of great strategic importance. For a better ability to work in the cultural and socio-economic environment of cultural heritage institutions, we offer u.a. following subjects: project management, cultural marketing, media work, fundraising, (monument) law, practical project work, etc. They have an equal importance in our curriculum as well as the classical topics of our field of work (eg history of construction and art or the methodology of preservation of monuments). Unique is the involvement of senior technical staff from several cultural institutions in Europe (France, United Kingdom, Italy, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Switzerland and UNESCO). All of the course content is designed as an extra-occupational offer, which requires a time-limited presence at the study location (6 attendance phases and 1 excursion abroad within 4 semesters).
Generally we offer in the program:
  • intensive combination of theory and practice shares with international exchange of experience;
  • Development of competences through independent practical projects and attractive internships
  • Teaching of core competencies in dealing with the diversity of European cultural heritage by international experts
  • individual introduction to innovative fields of activity in the field of national and international organizations, institutions and administrations for the protection of cultural assets

The four-semester course costs 2,720 EUR including the semester fees. The students have the opportunity to spend the night in the dorm room (about 8 € / night). The study takes over the reservation. The application deadline is July 30th.

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Europe University Viadrina




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