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Institute of the University of Applied Sciences und Arts

The primary aim of the Hornemann Institute is world wide knowledge transfer. We customize current scientific results within the scope of conservation and restoration to fit the needs of international specialists.

Since 1998, the Hornemann Institute has been operating as a scientific service center in the field of conservation and restoration. In September 2003 the Hornemann Institute became a part of the University of Applied Sciences und Arts Hildesheim/Holzminden/Göttingen.

The non-profit Hornemann Institute offers information and services in the field of conservation and restoration:
  • E-Publications
    With the free of charge E-Publications of the Hornemann Institute (university papers, conference papers, essays, project documentations, videos and posters) the institute promotes the exchange of information for quick and uncomplicated publication and research. In cooperation with the Technische Informationsbibliothek Hannover TIB the institute uses Digital Object Identifier as a permanent and reliable reference for deposited data. In addition, the Hornemann Institute runs a Wikipedia-like information platform which offers access to new research and questions of practice on salt and salt-related decay of monuments and objects. Furthermore, the institute develops websites and communication platforms for projects in the field of preservation of cultural heritage.
  • E-Learning
    The Hornemann Institute has been developing e-learning courses for conservation specialists.
  • Publication Series
    The publication series (ISSN 2193-1917) has 18 volumes up to now with a special focus on the cultural history of the Hildesheim region.
  • Conferences
    The Institute has been organizing conferences and workshops on the significance of cultural heritage and its preservation.
  • Cultural Heritage in Hildesheim
    In addition, the Hornemann Institute supports research on cultural heritage sites in the Hildesheim region which has been presented in its publication series, e.g. on St. Michael's Church, Hildesheim (vol. 2), the Kaiserhaus in Hildesheim (vol. 1) as well as churches (vol. 4) and town halls in Lower Saxony (vol. 6). The Hornemann Institute also developed educational materials and "Heritage Cases" on the Hildesheimer World Heritage Site to increase the awareness of heritage preservation among children.

The Team of the Hornemann Institute comprises experts on the subjects of monument preservation, restoration and conservation and electronic data processing. The Hornemann Institute operates in close cooperation with UNESCO. However, it's activities aren't constrained to the World Heritage List issued by the World Heritage Center.

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