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University of Applied Sciences - Potsdam

University of Applied Sciences - Potsdam

Conservation and restoration - Bachelor of Arts / Master of Arts

The Master's programme, which is based on a Bachelor's degree in conservation and restoration, offers you four courses of study that differ in material-specific and technological characteristics: Study fields wood, metal, stone, mural painting

The course of studies Conservation and Restoration is integrated into the Department of City|Building|Culture. Its programmatic focus lies in the training for conservation and restoration in the field of monument conservation, but also includes the museum sector. The direct contact to the building professions of architecture and civil engineering at the university, the reference to the surrounding monuments, buildings and works of art as well as museums of the rich cultural landscape of Brandenburg and Berlin form optimal conditions for this.

The restoration course offers four fields of study, which are structured according to material-specific and technological characteristics.


TopicWood, Metal, Stone, Wall painting

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