Technical University - Cologne

Technical University - Cologne

Restoration and conservation of artistic and cultural assets

The aim of the master's program is the theoretical and practical training of autonomously working restorers who are dedicated to the preservation, care and research of artistic and cultural assets.

Technical University - Cologne
CICS Cologne Institute of Conservation Sciences
Institute for Restoration and Conservation Science
  • Bachelor Degree Program in Restoration and Conservation of Art and Cultural Heritage (B.A.)
  • Master Degree Program Restoration and Conservation of Art and Cultural Heritage (M.A.)

The following five fields of study are offered:
Restoration and conservation of
  • Paintings, Sculpture and Modern Art (GSM)
  • Objects made of wood and materials of modernity (HOM)
  • Records, graphics, photography and book illumination (SGB)
  • Textiles and archaeological fibers (TAF)
  • Wall painting and cultural heritage of stone (WS)

The fields of natural sciences and art and cultural history are each represented as separate disciplines by one professorship each.

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