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United Kingdom  
 Savino Del Prete
Savino Del Prete Ltd
Del Prete, Savino
SW6 2AD London, --ENGLAND--
Phone: +44 2077361917

  • Chandeliers, chandeliers and historical hangings
  • Furniture and room furnishings made of wood
  • Gilding
  • Restoration - General
  • Timber construction and carpentry
  • Wood and wooden objects
Accredited conservator Lorraine Finch
LF Conservation and Preservation
Accredited conservator
Finch, Lorraine
Phone: +44 1493 854395

  • Modern materials and media
  • Paper, documents, books and book illumination
  • Photo, film and data media
  • Preventive conservation
 Berenika Gdowska
Gdowska, Berenika
NW10 6TT London, --ENGLAND--
Phone: +44 7564124068

  • Painted surfaces and fittings
  • Paintings and painting of paintings
  • Panel painting and wood sculpture
  • Polychrome paintings
  • Wall painting and architectural color
  • Wall painting and ceiling painting
 Jennifer Gonzalez Corujo
Gonzalez Corujo, Jennifer
Wallington, England
Phone: +44 7784801515

  • Documentation
  • Gilding
  • Historical, modern and contemporary painting
  • Panel painting and wood sculpture
  • Preventive conservation
  • Restoration - General
 yuriy holubenko
  • Furniture and room furnishings made of wood
  • Restoration history and theory
 Dr. Jonathan Kemp
Jonathan Kemp Conservation
Kemp, Dr. Jonathan
E2 0BS London, Middlesex

  • Plaster and sockets
  • Preventive conservation
  • Restoration - General
  • Stone sculpture and stone architecture
  • Stucco and stucco sculptures
  • Wall painting and architectural color
 Christopher Weeks
Weeks, Christopher
im31bu Douglas, Lancashire
Phone: +441624648044 1624648044 1624648044

  • Conservation - General
  • Plaster and sockets
  • Polychrome paintings
  • Preventive conservation
  • Restoration - General
  • Sculptures and architecture made of stone

Art conservation and restoration

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Benefits, Service and Prices

Organized directory in several areas

In the individual areas, you have the option of narrowing down your search precisely. If you are looking for a restorer who works in a specific country, take a look at the country list. Most registered users currently come from Germany. In the main classification, on the other hand, you will discover experts with various qualifications, including, for example, the academic degrees Bachelor, Master and Diplom.

The directory contains even more data

Further helpful lists round off the offer. For example, if you are looking for a freelance conservator, we recommend you take a look under "Work status". Under "Specialist areas" you can see which restorers specialize in certain areas.
Additional categories are also available, allowing you to narrow down your search even further.

References and projects from Romoe members

You will also find many references from restorers in our network, e.g. on current restoration projects in Thuringia or from restorers in Berlin.

Restauartoren Verzeichnis, Region Deutschland

Benefits, Services and Prices

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