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Monument conservator

Historic preservationists are experts who work to protect, preserve, and restore historic and cultural sites and structures while preserving and integrating humanity's cultural architectural heritage into the evolving urban landscape.

Romoe network members

Senior Register Restaurator Michiel Langeveld
M Langeveld MetaalRestauratie
Senior Register Restaurator
Langeveld, Michiel
1381 NB Weesp, Noord-Holland
Phone: +31650218260 6 50218360

  • Chandeliers, chandeliers and historical hangings
  • Metal objects
  • Plastic and sculptures
  • Preliminary examination
  • Preventive conservation
  • Specialist restoration planning
M.A. Klassische Archäologie, M.Sc. Denkmalpflege Constantin Müller
Archäologie & Denkmalpflege Constantin Müller
M.A. Klassische Archäologie, M.Sc. Denkmalpflege
Müller, Constantin
D-22115 Hamburg, Hamburg
Phone: +49 40 30850892

  • Archaeological excavation
  • Conservation and restoration concepts
  • Documentation
  • Excavation technique
  • Preliminary examination
  • Restoration - General
 Carlos Eduardo Thompson
Thompson, Carlos Eduardo
22060020 Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro

  • Archaeological cultural assets and arts and crafts
  • Archaeological excavation
  • Preventive conservation
  • Restoration - General
  • Specialist restoration planning
  • Stone sculpture and stone architecture

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