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Conservators Directory / Letter U

Are you looking for art-conservators or restorers with the initial letter U? In this list of restorers you will find restorers and conservators with an alphabetical list of members.

Alphabetical list of members - Surnames with first letter U

Dipl.-Restauratorin Ulrike Uhlig
Uhlig Restaurierung
Uhlig, Ulrike
D-10115 Berlin, Berlin

  • Archaeological cultural assets and arts and crafts
  • Archaeological excavation
  • Conservation and restoration concepts
  • Metal objects
  • Preventive conservation
  • Restoration - General
 Fidaa Ulyian
  • Book restoration
  • Conservation - General
  • Paper, documents, books and book illumination
  • Preventive conservation
  • Textiles and objects made of leather
  • Written material, calligraphy, graphics and book illumination
Dipl.-Restauratorin (FH) M.A. Elke Umminger-Gundacker
Dipl.-Restauratorin (FH) M.A.
Umminger-Gundacker, Elke
D- , -1

  • Specialist restoration planning
Mag. Katja Unterguggenberger
Team akademischer Restauratoren
Unterguggenberger, Katja
A-1120 Wien, Wien

  • Conservation and restoration concepts
  • Plaster and sockets
  • Preliminary examination
  • Stucco and stucco sculptures
  • Wall painting and architectural color
  • Wall painting and ceiling painting
Schmiedemeister -Restaurator im Metallbauhandwerk Klaus Unterrainer
Kunstschmiede Unterrainer
Schmiedemeister -Restaurator im Metallbauhandwerk
Unterrainer, Klaus
D-54290 Trier, Rheinland-Pfalz
Phone: 0651 32321

  • Chandeliers, chandeliers and historical hangings
  • Conservation and restoration concepts
  • Gilding
  • Metal objects
  • Plastic and sculptures
  • Restoration - General
 Elisabeth Ursprung
Restaurierungs-Werks tatt Ursprung
Ursprung, Elisabeth
D-60322 Frankfurt, Hessen
Phone: +49 69 13025950

  • Conservation - General
  • Historical, modern and contemporary painting
  • Paintings and painting of paintings
  • Panel painting and wood sculpture
  • Polychrome paintings
  • Restoration - General

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