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Business Promotion Program concerning the Polish monuments protection

Business Promotion Program concerning the Polish monuments protection and maintenance of industry: The Polish heritage conservators, archeologists, and stone producers can effectively compete on foreign markets. The Business Promotion Program was initiated in order to simplify opportunities to export their services and commodities. The project was designed by the Ministry of Economy and is aimed at creating new, powerful Polish brands in the monuments protection and maintenance industry.

polska monuments

Polish professionals are skillful in the field of protection and maintenance of heritage of their culture. The difficult past of the country and massive damages during the Second World War somehow forced them to develop skills and knowledge on the many fields of the industry. The Polish conservation legacy is simply outstanding: many architecture and building remnants that have been saved, moveable masterpieces of art, archiving of abundant explorations-related documentation, renovation of historic centers of the biggest Polish cities (Gdansk, Torun, Cracow or Warsaw, the Old Town of which was almost completely destroyed during the Second World War), as well as many revolutionary discoveries during excavations taking place in Egypt, Syria, Sudan, Lebanon, and Turkmenistan.

The Polish technical and conservation abilities are appreciated and respected all over the world. Polish archeologists discovered the Merefnebef’s tomb, as well as unique reliefs and paintings in Egyptian Sakkara. A team of specialists is currently working on virtual reconstruction of destroyed temple of the pharaoh Totomes III in Deir el-Bahari located in Upper Egypt. The Polish team of archeologists, while taking part in the excavation works in Dongola in Sudan – the former capital of the United Kingdom of Nubia, discovered few churches in the area, for example: a mausoleum, a church with granite columns serving as a cathedral and a building in the shape of the cross. In return for their engagement in the excavation works, members of the Polish archeological team received half of all discovered frescoes as a gift. It is possible to admire them all in the National Museum in Warsaw. Polish archeologists and conservators can be encountered even in the most exotic countries in the world.

On the basis of the Business Promotion Program, various fairs, exhibitions, seminars, and economic missions will be organized. The aforementioned events will take place during the period of three years on the area of such countries as: Poland, Germany, Austria, Russia, Libya, Egypt and India. Moreover, the program includes promotion during fairs organized in the most beautiful Polish cities – Cracow and Torun, charm of which will resemble the characteristic of offered services and commodities. Creation of beneficial relations with potential business partners, exchange of information and experiences, obtaining knowledge concerning the specificity of a particular country during professional seminars – all those features are benefits offered for entrepreneurs qualified to take part in the program.

Not only is the sumptuous promotional offer the encouragement for the entrepreneurs to take part in the program, but also the possibility to receive reimbursement up to 75 % of costs. The financial aid for entrepreneurs is granted on the basis of the 6.5.2 sub-program of the Innovative Economy Operational Program.

The program is aimed at increasing the competiveness of Polish heritage and maintenance branch of industry by enhancing its image for foreign partners, as well as creating international contacts, and promotion of Polish export specialties

We would like to encourage you to visit the program-related website at:

The executor of the program on the Ministry of Economy’s behalf is the „M Promotion” Promotion Agency with office located in Warsaw.

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