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The Business Promotion Program of the monuments protection and maintenance industry

The aims of the Business Promotion Program is the creating new, strong Polish brands, which will be recognizable in Poland and a broad. Furthermore the increasing competitiveness of Polish economy by improving its image for foreign partners, as well as creating international contacts, and promotion of Polish export specialties.

Duration of the program: till 31st March 2015 

The territorial scope of the Program:


Entrepreneurs complying with following requirements can apply for membership in the Business Program:
  1. They must operate an economic activity and have their headquarters established on the Republic of Poland territory.
  2. They must declare their participation in at least 50 % of promotional events enlisted in the BPP.
  3. They did not receive the de minimis financial aid, the gross value of which, including the financial support they apply for exceeds 200 thousands Euro in the year of application and in two preceding years.
  4. Products or services they offer or produce are enlisted in the BPP catalogue (proper PKD code). The full list of the PKD codes is available on the website.

Components of the Business Promotion Program

The A Component

The component is addressed to Polish entrepreneurs operating in the monuments protection and maintenance industry and is based on promotion of their commodities and services on foreign markets.
The entrepreneurs can apply for return of up to 75% qualified costs by participating in fairs, economic missions, abroad exhibitions, and trainings in Poland.

The B Component

The component is fully financed by the Ministry of Economic Affairs. The promotion activities include, among others:
advertising campaign in foreign press, study tours for journalists and entrepreneurs, promotional and advertising materials (t-shirts, cups, pendrives), and the advertising spot.

Fairs and Exhibitions


- Conservations, Torun, 2012,2013,2014
- Denkmal, Leipzig, 2012,2014
- EGIR, Cracow, 2013,2014
- Denkmal, Moscow, 2013
- Monumento, Salzburg, 2014

Exhibitions and seminars

- Egypt, the first week of February, 2013, 2014
- India, the end of February, 2013, 2013
- Libya

A presentation/exhibition concerning Polish achievements and two-day seminar will be organized.

Information sheet and the exhibition

We are creating an information sheet concerning the Polish monuments protection and maintenance industry. We would like to encourage you to take part in this undertaking.

If your company has participated in any interesting conservation - related realizations aiming at protection and maintenance of monuments in Poland or abroad, it is the best opportunity to inform others about that fact.

We would like to encourage you to visit the website devoted to the Program:

While visiting it, you can find all necessary information concerning the
Business Program, downloadable files, news, events, and other current data on the Program.

polska monuments

All information concerning the Program is provided by:

Aleksandra Oniszk – The Project Coordinator
Natalia Sikorska – The Project Assistant
Telephone number: +22 8180023 or 883213573

Information concerning requirements and method of financial aid obtaining are provided by:

The Operational Programs Implementation Department of the Ministry of Economy, telephone number: +22 6935844
The project is realized by the Ministry of Economic Affairs till 31st March 2015 and its Executive General is the M Promotion company.

The M Promotion Company provides complex organization of promotional activities and does not charge entrepreneurs with any fees or additional payments connected with the undertaking.

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