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SCHOTT GOETHEGLAS - Restoration glass for the 18th & 19th century

GOETHEGLAS is a colorless, drawn glass with the characterful, irregular surface of window glass, especially from the 18th and 19th centuries. It is also suitable for exterior protective glazing, for example, to protect valuable leaded glass from environmental and weather damage.

  • GOETHEGLAS for 18th and 19th century buildings.
  • irregular surface structure
  • available with increased solar control
  • variety of processing options (e.g. as laminated glass, with coatings or as insulating glass)

Technical information

GOETHEGLAS is produced by the traditional Fourcault process. It is the first fully mechanized manufacturing process for the continuous production of flat glass. The first industrial plant was producing as early as 1914, where molten glass is drawn through the Fourcault die, creating the distinctive appearance of machine-drawn glass with a specific thickness tolerance and wavy surface.

Available dimensions:
Max. Dimensions*: 2,100 x 1,500 mm
Standard thicknesses*: 4.5 mm
Light transmission: > 90%

(*Other formats and thicknesses available on request)

Restoration glass with ETA approval:

In the course of European harmonization, the abZ, which was previously common in Germany, is now only applied nationally if no European harmonized specifications are available. The ETA (European Technical Assessment) replaces the abZ for the member states of the European Union. The glasses produced by SCHOTT according to the special Fourcault drawing glass process are not covered by the usual glass standards, i.e. the products are not regulated without further ado. The ETA now confirms that SCHOTT Fourcault glasses meet the requirements of EN 12150-2, EN 14179-2, EN 14449 and EN 1279-5. The ETA is therefore an independent proof of performance of SCHOTT Fourcault glasses that is valid throughout Europe - both as basic glass and as a processed product (ESG, VSG, VG and MIG). Extensive material tests at an accredited testing institute confirm the certified product properties.

Your customer advantage:
  • Certainty that SCHOTT Fourcault glasses can be processed into standard construction products such as toughened safety glass (ESG), laminated safety glass (VSG), tempered safety glass (VG) and multiple-pane insulating glass (MIG) in conformity with standards and can be designated as such.
  • No more time-consuming documentation and approval processes.
  • Clear communication of processing options to the end customer while retaining familiar terminology.

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