Romoe Conservators Network

France / Zip

ZipAddress / CityFields of activity
Artist Peintre Restaurateur
Kelvink, Peter
67290 Wingen sur Moder
  • Crafted art-objects
  • Documentation
  • Lime mortars and plasters, versions in interiors and at storefronts
  • Painting and art of painting
  • Polychrome works of art
  • Restoration and conservation
69004Restaurierung von Wandmalerei, Architekturfassung und plastischem Bildwerk aus Stein
Sawatzky, Franziska
69004 Lyon
  • Historical fresco, mural and architecture coloredness
  • Production of conservation and restoration concepts
  • Restoration and conservation
  • Sculptured works of art and architecture from stone
neuner, monika
75020 paris
  • Crafted art-objects
  • Ethnographic objects, people and ethnology
  • Glass, Glass painting, window glasses and ceramics
  • Historical, modern and contemporary painting and material constructions
  • Painting and art of painting
  • Picture panel and retabel

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