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Further education or training

Additional training, courses or programs that a person has completed to improve or enhance their skills, knowledge or professional qualifications after they have already completed formal education.

Romoe network members

Staatl. gepr. Techniker Denkmalpflege Jörg Bohn
Denkmalpflege Jörg Bohn GmbH & Co.KG
Staatl. gepr. Techniker Denkmalpflege
Bohn, Jörg
D-36093 Künzell, Hessen
Phone: +49 661 3802627

  • Architectural and spatial design
  • Gilding
  • Plaster and sockets
  • Restoration - General
  • Specialist restoration planning
  • Stone objects
  • Stucco and stucco sculptures
  • Wall painting and ceiling painting
  • Wall paintings and stone objects
 Sabina Schröter
Schröter, Sabina
D-10437 Berlin, Berlin
Phone: +49 30 7953696

  • Furniture and room furnishings made of wood
  • Gilding
  • Handicraft objects
  • Historical, modern and contemporary painting
  • Painted surfaces and fittings
  • Paintings and painting of paintings
  • Panel painting and wood sculpture
  • Picture panels and reredos
  • Plastic and sculptures
  • Preventive conservation

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