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Conservation and restoration in Austria

References and projects of restorers

Austria lies in the middle of the European continent and is an integral part of millennia-old European history. Just as varied are the testimonies of this art and cultural history. The Austrians have created art objects in a variety of materials and techniques at different stylistic eras. Since the 1980s, the Austrian government has promoted the state-recognized training of restorers and conservators as well as the preservation of these time records.

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What types of restoration are carried out in Austria?

Over the centuries, various stylistic epochs shaped the face and cultural heritage of Austria. It worked in different techniques and materials. The art has been influenced both regionally and by national and international influences. Therefore, there is a specialization in the field of restoration and conservation. In Austria a distinction is made between the following specialist areas: archaeological finds, architectural surfaces, ethnographics and handicrafts, painted sculptures, paintings, glass / ceramics / enamel / porcelain, wooden objects and furniture, metal, musical instruments, paper / graphics / book / photo, stone / stucco, Textile, murals and contemporary art. At the Austrian universities, specialists were and are being trained for all individual areas. These then work freelance as individuals or join together to restoration workshops. Important for restorers are the constant exchange and cooperation across the individual departments. And also country borders are exceeded thereby, since style epochs likewise cross-national seemed.

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Use our site to further familiarize yourself with the topic of restoration. We offer you access to extensive knowledge in the individual fields of restoration and conservation as well as to the topic complex preservation of monuments and building protection. The offered search function allows you to filter the information by individual search terms or larger subject areas as well as country and region specific offers.

We would also like to keep you up to date on current debates in the field of cultural preservation. The Department of Conservation and Restoration is internationally networked and is constantly researching new techniques and the use of materials for the more efficient treatment of cultural objects worthy of preservation.

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