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Art conservation in Germany

References and projects of art conservators and restorers

Germany is not only a land of poets and thinkers, but has an enormous density of cultural assets. Therefore, the preservation of art and cultural assets by expert restorers and restoration workshops is of great importance. Below you can search for individual projects by restorers by federal states. Or you use our interactive map to specifically search for reference objects.

The experts of the individual federal states have specialized in the preservation and restoration of regional art and cultural assets. Some professionals or larger workshops also work nationwide. Not only the different style epochs differ greatly from each other. Even within an art era, there are very diverse characteristics in the various regions of the country. The use of different regionally dominant materials and stylistic preferences are decisive here.

What types of restoration are carried out in Germany?

The area of restoration is varied and can be subdivided into numerous areas of work. These include wood and furniture restoration, painting restoration and the preservation of craft objects, monuments, clothing, musical instruments, paper or ethnographic objects. In Germany you will find professionals for each of these areas.

It should be noted here that the distinction between academically trained restorers and the profession of the restorer in the craft. The latter are mainly active in the field of monument preservation and old building renovation. However, the mastery of traditional craftsmanship techniques contribute particularly to object restoration. These include archives, books, musical instruments or vehicles. The methods and fields of application differ in terms of academic and technical training, but complement each other perfectly.

Additional information

Anyone who would like to deal with the topic of restoration has on our side also the opportunity to acquire information on the subject of monument protection and conservation of cultural property in general. In recent decades, there have been many changes and innovations in this area. The value of cultural goods has increased, and there has also been a lively international exchange of experience. You can specifically filter the content of our site using the search function.

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