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Conservation and restoration in Switzerland

References and projects of restorers

Switzerland can look back on a rich and eventful history. In the course of this, numerous art and cultural objects were created in different style epochs. To preserve these for the following generations and make them available to the public, the restorers of Switzerland have set themselves the goal. For around 40 years, the Swiss government has supported the state training of conservators and conservators as well as projects to conserve state cultural assets.

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What types of restoration are carried out in Switzerland?

The restoration of cultural goods requires a specialization in various fields, as they have been executed in different artistic and creative techniques and made of different materials. The individual workspaces overlap in part due to the combination of materials and techniques. In Switzerland, however, restoration can be subdivided into: architecture and preservation of historical monuments, the group of cultural historical objects (archeology, ethnographic objects, technical and scientific instruments), paintings, sculptures and contemporary art, book and paper restoration, furniture and wood restoration and the Textiles sector. For all departments there are specialized specialists in Switzerland who have either undergone academic or technical training. These professionals work as independent restorers or have joined together to form larger restoration workshops. In doing so, an exchange takes place across national and specialist boundaries, as art and style epochs are not limited to a geographical border.

Additional information

Our network offers you a lot of additional information on the area of monument protection and the various specialist areas of restoration. Not only techniques and scientific investigation methods change and improve, also the handling of cultural assets in society is actively discussed. The increasing touristic tour as well as questions about the provenance of an artistic or cultural object play a role here. With us you will also learn about innovations in the legal treatment of art and cultural objects. Use our search function for this. Thus, you will quickly receive information on individual subject complexes or specific search terms.

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