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Benefits, Service and Prices

As a member you are part of the worldwide Romoe network.

Take advantage of our versatile offers and opportunities that are available to you.
Choose the service that suits your needs.


Associations, initiatives and foundations

Pursue common goals -
Long-term cooperation with added value.

Profiles and offers

  • Entry in directory and search
  • Contact details
  • Links to the website
  • Detailed descriptions
  • Press releases
  • Technical Papers
  • Pictures, videos, maps
  • Distribution in social media

Community and services

  • Job & Internship Exchange
  • Calendar, Dates & Events
  • Weblink directory and search
  • Members assignment

Guaranteed without risk

  • You do not take any contract risk
  • No hidden additional costs
  • No details of payment data

0 EUR / Month

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Manufacturers & Suppliers

Products and offers

Our marketing is perfect for manufacturers of products because our network is very target group specific.

Marketing and SEO

  • Presentation of the company
  • Detailed product descriptions
  • "Dofollow" links to the website
  • Product Search & Marketplace
  • Google Sitemaps entry
  • Keyword domains
  • Distribution in social media

Guaranteed without risk

  • You do not take any contract risk
  • No hidden additional costs
  • Easy payment
  • Invoice, Paypal or Skrill


  • Quick adjustments / changes
  • Personal e-mail contact
  • Personal callback service

from 10 EUR / month

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Expertise, competence and trust

The network has been maintained with great care for over 15 years and updated regularly.
In this context, we are constantly improving and developing all areas.

If you have any questions, comments or criticism you can always send us a message. This helps us to better adapt the restorers network to the needs of interested parties in the future.

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Registration, Profile and Articles - Tutorial (English)

This tutorial shows a simple view into the registration process of the Romoe Network.
It also explains how to update your profile and create articles.

Watch on Youtube Watch on Vimeo

Security, stability and sustainability

Our network has been providing an independent platform for many years and is ranked among the top 10 search engine results,
zB. in Google search by the term "Restauratoren" und in the Bing search at the term "Restauratoren"

Strong partner

The stable foundation for our network is the award-winning SITEFORUM
Digitalization Platform

Data protection

We take the protection of your personal data very seriously and comply with the current legal data protection regulations.

24h Backups

Daily data backup and data storage in German data centers offers additional security.

Talk to our team

Our team will help you with the selection of services, support the profile structure and create individual offers for you.

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Free registration

You can register for free in our network at any time.
The registration is simple and without obligation.

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