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Topics: Restoration, Art and Historic Preservation

Learn more about the differences between conservation, preventive conservation and restoration in this section. Get insights into the profession of the restorer. With overviews of the study program, the training and further education offers as well as trade fairs, we offer many further information on restoration, art and historic preservation.

Case studies for restoration
Restoration, conservation of cultural heritage

Case studies for restoration

These case studies show that restoration is deeply rooted in culture and makes an important contribution to preserving the identity of national memory.

Read the full article here.
Cultural heritage & cultural property
cultural asset, cultural monument

Cultural heritage & cultural property

What lies behind these concepts. The term cultural property refers to something that has a special cultural value and should therefore be preserved.

Read more about the term and the background here.
What is book restoration?
Book Restoration, Book Restorer

What is book restoration?

The restoration of historical books, deeds, manuscripts, maps, and archival materials.
What services are provided by restoration workshops and book restorers? What is typical damage to books?

More about preservation of archival and library material...
What is furniture restoration?
Furniture Restoration, Furniture Restorer

What is furniture restoration?

The restoration of antiques, antique and old furniture.
What services are provided by furniture workshop and furniture restorers?
What are shellac polishes and what is rabbit or bone glue?

More about wood and furniture restoration...
What is painting restoration?
Paintings, Painting Restoration

What is painting restoration?

The restoration of historical oil paintings. Which services are provided by painting restorers?
When should a painting be restored?

More about painting restoration and conservation ...
Historic preservation - what is it?
Preservation of historical monuments, cultural heritage year

Historic preservation - what is it?

The professional preservation of monuments serves the preservation of monuments. In order for these to remain permanently accessible to the public, it is necessary to maintain them.

Read more about the importance of monument preservation here.
What is stone restoration?
Stone conservation, Stone restoration

What is stone restoration?

Conservation and restoration of stone objects, stone sculpture and stone architecture.
What distinguishes a stone restorer from a stonemason or stone sculptor?

More about the conservation and restoration of stone objects ...
What is mural painting?
Mural painting, Fresco, Secco technique

What is mural painting?

What does the restoration of murals involve?
What is the difference between fresco and secco techniques?
The history of mural painting ...

More about the mural painting and wall painting ...

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Art conservation and restoration

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